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Head Colds and Exercise.

Day 128

Sore throats, stuffy nose.  Head colds.  Blah!

(I probably should be buying stocks in kleenex!)

Yesterday I woke up with a throat that felt like cotton.  This carried on to today, along with a head that now feels like a basketball.  Le sigh.

When it comes to running and working out while sick, it’s always best to err on the side of rest (IMHO!)  If I feel horrid or if I have any type of fever, chest congestion, stomach bug, etc., then I’ll always, always, always take sleep over exercise!  That being said, however, there are times (such as today) when I’ll still fit in a good (albeit slow!) run at a much lower intensity.  Much lower.  Did I mention much lower?  

What does this actually look like?

Instead of talking myself into running up that last doggone hill, I’ll walk it.  Instead of repeating my favorite mantra over and over in my head while working out to Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred DVD, I’ll set down the weight or give myself the “easy” way out.  Breaks aren’t optional, they’re enforced.

I could just take the day (or week!) off completely.  But I’ve found that keeping my workouts easy during a mild illness or head cold actually gets me feeling better much sooner.  And it keeps my head in the game for when I’m feeling completely better, making the transition back to a regular fitness routine that much easier.

Overall lesson?

I always listen to my body and you should too!  Always, always.  If I need to sleep in, I will.  I have no problem with taking a week off from exercise.  It really isn’t that big a deal.  However, I also have no problem continuing exercise if I’m feeling up to it.  The important thing is to take it slow, never push too hard and stay nourished and  well hydrated.


And a few extra hours of sleep and a cup or two of tea certainly won’t hurt either.


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