Nut Butter Obsessions.

Favorite Peanut Butters;

It’s no secret that I’m just a little over-the-top obsessed about nut butters.

From walnut to pecan to almond to the plain ol’ peanut.  I love them all.  In the morning, I add a scoop to my hot bowl of oats.  In the afternoon I smear some on a banana before heading out for a run.  And at night?  There is always room for a smidgen or two of my favorite nut butter on a piece of ridiculously dark chocolate.  Heaven!

I rotate through all kinds of different flavors and types, but this is what I’m currently obsessing over…

1. Trader Joe’s Crunchy, Salted Almond Butter

The perfect blend of salt meets crunch.  Perfect for those afternoon salt cravings.  It’s especially good on toast with banana slices.

2. Trader Joe’s Creamy Salted Cashew Butter

This is so creamy and rich!  Love it on oatmeal.

3. Teddie Unsalted Peanut Butter

This is, hands down, the most popular peanut butter in my house.  It is quintessentially the “little black dress” of nut butter land.

4. PB & Company Dark Chocolate Dreams

This is like eating melted chocolate on a spoon and calling it peanut butter.  Yup.  Amazing.

5. Wild Friends Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter

My sister turned me on to this brand, and I haven’t looked back since. The flavors are always fun and unique.  This particular flavor is awesome on a piece of dark chocolate, thanks to the tart cranberries and crunchy sesame seeds.  Love it!

6. Wild Friends Honey Peanut Butter with Crunchy Pretzels

This is my “just because” peanut butter.  Because who doesn’t want pretzels and honey in their peanut butter?


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