Weekend Long Run.

My nerves always get the best of me, prior to the weekend long run.  Especially now that I have a half marathon to train for.  I’m always fearing the worst.  Like, what if my IT band flares its ugly head once again?  Or what if some new injury rolls around (always, always, always, I am fearing those pesky injuries!)  Hello, Miss Injury Queen!

My goal for today, however, was to simply enjoy the 6-mile long run that I had planned.  No expectations or time limits.

Just run, Sarah.  Run.

So I did.

Slow and steady (because that’s how I roll.)  And whenever I started to worry about injuries, I reminded myself to stay present.  I also did a lot of praying.  It’s amazing how quickly the 6 miles zipped on by, when I prayed for a different person during each mile.  Why haven’t I done this before?

Anyways.  My knee felt great and I really did enjoy myself.  No complaints, not a one!

There was also a fabulous meal to refuel myself with afterwards, which is always a good thing…


I like having a balanced meal after a run, with some healthy carbs, fat, protein, veggies.  Usually this means eggs on toast with avocado and some fruit.  Simple is what I do.  But on Sundays, my dad makes a killer grilled salmon (lucky me!)  It’s actually this exact salmon that turned me from a vegetarian into an omnivore.  Not even kidding.

Goodbye Weekend, Hello Monday!  I’m feeling ready for a brand new week.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Long Run.

  1. I always push myself to run too much… and then I get frustrated and I don’t run for a long time. I need to remind myself to just go for the run and to listen to my body. Slow and steady will win the race and get me back on track! 🙂


    1. I have a hard time reminding myself of the very same thing at times. Especially when I’m feeling really good…it’s easy to forget that injuries can come out of nowhere when we push too hard, too soon.


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