My Weekend + IT Band Rehab


Hello, Friends!!

Can’t believe the weekend has already come and gone.  How does that happen?

Did you do anything fun over your weekend??  Mine was pretty full with lots of good stuff…

1. I ran 8 miles.

In preparation for my half marathon, the mileage is really starting to see an increase.  I’m still only running 3 days per week with cross training on the 2-3 other days with one full day of rest in between.  It’s mostly the weekend long run that’s really starting to pick up.

I felt really good this time around.  I invested in a nice, new (to me) water bottle that is easy to carry (review coming soon,) and packed along some Clif Shot Bloks.   I liked the shot bloks and found that they really did kick me into gear around mile 4.  But, man on man, I had a hard time chewing them.  Temperatures were around 27 degrees and I think this may have made them harder or something (sorry to my dentist!) Next time I’m trying the gels, which will hopefully be easier to get down. 😉

2. I picked up the Thanksgiving turkey.

There’s nothing (nothing!!) like farm raised and local turkeys!  My Dad and I went to a farm together to make the purchase, which instantly put me in the Thanksgiving mood.


It also made me hungry.

We noshed on pesto pizza with chicken and artichokes.  Amazingness.


3. I celebrated my nephew Brady’s first birthday.

Cake, balloons, my favorite baby, family…life is good.


What did you do this weekend?


Most injuries in my life have sort of come and gone.  Achilles Tendonitis struck me down for a while, but lots of stretching and strengthening has made it a thing of history.  Plantar Fasciitis, severe shin splints, hip pain, etc.  These things have stopped me from running for a good period of time.

But nothing prepared me for the horrors of ITBS (Illitobial Band Syndrome.)  It’s one of those injuries that has come out of nowhere for me.  I can be feeling absolutely great, on top of the world and WHAM!  Pain on the outside of my knee that causes such excruciating pain.  I once thought I could push through it (warning: bad idea!) and wasn’t even able to bend my leg by the end of a run.


Needless to say.

I’ve learned my lesson.

If you’ve had a history of IT Band issues as well, I *strongly* recommend foam rolling after each run and following some form of an IT Band Rehab program.  I’m not a doctor or a physical therapist, and I don’t claim to be an expert at all.  But I have personally found great results in doing both of these things.

This is the IT Band Rehab program that I’m currently following.  My hips are incredibly weak, but doing this 2x/week has really helped a lot.



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